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Mustafa HalwachiMustafa Halwachi was born in 1977 on the tiny island of Bahrain but spent his childhood and teenage years in Dubai. In 1994, he moved to Seattle, Washington, for studies of interior design and returned to Bahrain in 1997. Mustafa regularly comes to Egypt and paints stunning murals like the one beside Wannas Art Café in Luxor.

Artist Mustafa Halwachi – Artworks

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Mustafa Halwachi    

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Silent Rage
Acrylic and Spray Paint
on Canvas
200 x 150 cm
35,000 EGP





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Mustafa Halwachi
Mustafa Halwachi painting "Silent Rage" at Nūn Art Gallery, January 2022

Example of an Mustafa Halwachi painting in a private room
Example of a Mustafa Halwachi painting in a private room

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