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CAli*MA Art Gallery is founded by Claudia Ali and based in Luxor, Egypt. CAli*MA Art Gallery is devoted to showcasing the brilliant visual artworks of Egyptian artists and non-Egyptians living in Egypt. Thereby, supporting new talents is as crucially relevant as promoting established artists.

Want to buy artworks? Altough we are not keen on automatic emails and shopping cart systems, as we prefer the personal contact. we establish a shop step by step. Until all works are included please contact us when you want to purchase and we will safely and quickly manage your order.

Our Motto

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That's why we want to help the art find a great home. We can be very flexible in making that happen. Contact us!

Our Team

German art enthusiast Claudia Ali co-founded the Nūn Art Gallery in Luxor in 2019 Amongst other things, she was for more than three and a half years responsible for public relations, publishing and media. With CAli*MA - Marketing for Artists and the CAli*MA Online Art Gallery she turns to a exciting new chapter in her life.

Claudia is web designer and owner of and writer/photographer for several websites concerning Luxor. She and her husband Ali Qenawy, the co-owner of CAli*MA Art Gallery and CAli*MA - Marketing for Artists, founded Leben in Luxor, Living in Luxor and Tasmim Luxor, which they successfully manage together since 2009. Contact details

Claudia Ali and Ali Qenawy
Claudia Ali and Ali Qenawy

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